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At the end of the event:
The major work of the day was a review of the recommendations that the conference will present to the rest of the Anglican Communion, ten in all, covering the major areas of discussion at TEAM.  Two of them specifically named young people, one on HIV/AIDS and one on protecting children and young people.  About ten young adult delegates met in an ad-hoc session to discuss suggestions to the drafting committee reflecting their expertise on and concern for young people.  The context and outcomes are intended to be a springboard for provinces to reflect upon when they return and preliminary responses are expected by 07.07.07.  Official information will be posted on www.team2007.org but this weblog will in time be archived and succeeded by a space that will allow young adult participants from TEAM and the preparatory event for young adults in 2006 to share information, encourage one another, and introduce the MDGs to other young adults in the hopes of creating a sense of movement on achieving the MDGs by 2015.
The Rev. Sally Sue Hernandez-G., a young delegate from the Anglican Church of Mexico, has been appointed to the follow-up committee that will communicate the recommendations of the TEAM conference and monitor how provinces are proceeding with local activities.
This is a weblog of impressions, reflections, and calls to action by young adults from across the Anglican Communion attending the Towards Effective Anglican Mission 2007 (TEAM2007) event in Boksburg, South Africa from March 7-14, 2007.  TEAM2007 is an international conference on Prophetic Witness, Social Development and HIV and AIDS being hosted by the Anglican Church of Southern Africa under the leadership of its primate, the Most Rev. Njongonkulu Ngdungane. The consultation aims to enhance current initiatives in social outreach work that seeks to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  It is a collective effort and each author takes responsibility for her or his own comments.  We welcome your feedback, prayers, and support over these next days. After the event, the weblog will be re-purposed and re-positioned to help Anglican young adults around the world to organize together to address the Millennium Development Goals, including important events such as 07.07.07 (mid-campaign policy checkpoint with governments), and Stand Up Against Poverty (17 October 2007).
Thom Chu, program director for ministries with young people for the Episcopal Church, is facilitator for the weblog process on behalf of the International Anglican Youth Network, a network of the Anglican Consultative Council.  Please send any suggestions (technical or otherwise) to improve this weblog to tchu@episcopalchurch.org.

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