Introducing Timothy Titus Nyirenda (Church of the Province of Central Africa)

March 11, 2007 at 7:36 pm | Posted in Day 4: Saturday, 10 March 2007, Timothy | Leave a comment

Timothy Titus NyirendaI am Timothy Titus Nyirenda, a priest from the Diocese of Northern Malawi (Church of the Province of Central Africa).  I am the Bishop’s & Training Chaplain of the diocese, and it is in this capacity that I am attending the TEAM conference.  I feel greatly honored to be one of the delegates to this conference.  We all know that the Church means the old and the youth.  Probably only the youth are the church of today and tomorrow.

My hope is that the conference will make resolutions aimed at benefiting the youth in the areas of HIV/AIDS, education, unemployment, poverty, hunger, disease, and other challenges that outlined in the MDGs.  I think that the conference is about us, the youth [young adults in US context], who are the adults of tomorrow.  I believe that these challenges are not the final word of God.  Challenges are raw materials of a victorious future and therefore the problems of today are stepping stones to a better tommorow which young men and women are anticipating from this conference.  God bless the Anglican Communion for the vision and destiny that they are aiming at.

Timothy Titus Nyirenda


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