Sally Sue, 29 year-old deacon from Mexico City, joins the group

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Sally Sue HernandezThank you for your invitation to be part of this network.I am Sally Sue from Mexico City, I am 29 years old, I am a deacon in the Anglican Church of Mexico, I work in two congregations in the south of the city, also in the health ministry doing it in a public hospital. I enjoy working with young people, I lead two small reflections groups and I teach two courses at the seminary in Mexico City. My impressions about the conference is being a challenge for us in Mexico because as an Anglican Church we work in some issues like health ministry, Christian education, there is a group of mission and evangelism and now knowing about these Millenium Development Goals and the participation of the Anglican Communion I think we are taking back to Mexico the aims and work on it.The first thing that I would like to say is that the Anglican Church of Mexico is concern about these issues and we are doing things even when the Anglican Church is the minority in Mexico. I am glad to be here and the most important thing for me is to share all of these that we know here and that the speakers shared with us.

Mi nombre es Sally Sue de la diocesis de Mexico, tengo 29 años soy diacona de la Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico trabajo en dos congregaciones en el sur de la ciudad tambien en el ministerio de salud haciendo visitas a un hospital publico, me gusta trabajar con jovenes dirijo dos pequeños grupos de reflexion y enseño en el seminario dos cursos.

Mis impresiones acerca de la conferencia estan siendo un desafio y un reto para nosotros en Mexico poorque trabajamos en algunos temas como ministerio de salud educacion cristiana hay un grupo de mision y evangelisacion y ahora sabiendo ede los objetivos del milenio y la participacion de la Comunion Anglicana creo que nos llevamos a Mexico los objetivos para trabajar en lo que hacemos.

Quiero compartir uqer la Iglesia anglicana de mexico esta preocupada acerca de estos temas y estamos haciendo algo apesar de que la iglesia anglicna es minoritariua en Mexico. Estoy contenta de estar aqui y la mas importante cosa para mi es compartir lo que hemos aprendido y lo que nos han enseñado.

Con cariño

Rev. Sally Sue


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