Words of encouragement from Archbishop Njongkulu Ndungane, host for TEAM2007

March 14, 2007 at 3:48 am | Posted in Who's at TEAM2007? | 2 Comments

How do you see the role of young people in the church and in this event?
Here in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, we take young people very seriously, because they have energy, commitment, and enthusiasm.  When the idea of the TEAM event was put together, I just said to Delene Mark and her team at HOPE Africa to run with it.  I’ve been a figurehead here really, more than anything else.  You can see here what they have put up—thank God for that.  We would like to encourage other provinces to do the same because it’s actually an investment in our church—the young people are the church of today and the church of the future.  For them to be engaged in issues of development and social justice, it augurs well for the future of our church and the future of our world.

What else would you like to say directly to young Anglicans around the world?
I would like to encourage them to stand together and take leadership in the affairs of the world.  We live in a globalized and globalizing world. It’s up to them to shape the future and we who have been young a longer time than them would want to make our contribution, as far as possible, to make a future that is brilliant for our children and our children’s children, and therefore we would like to create space for young people to show their talents and gifts in shaping our future.




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  1. Team Conference has been a life changing expirience for me. The leadership of the church has been so wonderful in guiding us in making recomendations to Lambeth Conference. Thank you to Archbishop Njongo for his leadership as well as the HOPE Africa and Team.

  2. The TEAM conference made it clear how much we did each other to transform and be transformed in mission.

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