A CHALLENGE TO THE YOUNG ADULTS (we say “youth” in the Philippines)

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Jefferson Lizardo of the PhilippinesTalking to an acquaintance on this conference, and having a sharing with him about youth brought to mind his question about what the youth can do for change and are youth capable of such a task?

Well, growing up as we all know is the time of consciousness, experiments, and lot of explorations.  In this, it seems that adult’s trust of the youth is degraded that youth can’t do work that is very critical in nature but, behind their explorations and experiments lies their logical thinking that sometimes and often times are very relevant in solving the problem even if it is very critical of adults (unless you prove them right that youth can’t do it).

It really seems laughable but we take into consideration that this stage is very critical and very proper for the youth to think about because what lies ahead is the future. It is not just for the sake of proving to adults that they are wrong but trying also to build our talents, initiative gifts, etc. and to use it. Anyway it is for our own good, not for the good of others(correct me if I’m wrong).

This is just a sharing answering my acquaintance and defending our young brothers and sisters all over the world but we are actually faced with the reality to prove to our older brothers and sisters that we can actually do it, not just to relatiate on them.  My challenge to young adults around the world is: let’s disprove the perceptions of older people that we can’t take responsibility seriously!

jefferson lizardo
Youth Coordinator, Episcopal Diocese of Nothern Philippines
Episcopal Church in the Philippines


Jefferson Lizardo of the Philippines joins the group

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Jefferson Lizardo of the PhilippinesGood day to all,

It is a grace and blessing of God that I was chosen as one delegate for this conference that is happening in this beautiful haven part of the word. This conference was an opportunity to me (if not all delegates) to share, learn, interact, and to acquire new and more knowledge.

A gathering of people around the world with different cultures and personality is very difficult and impossible, but with grace and the blessing of God almighty, the Anglicans/Episcopalians and Christians around the world heard a calling from God to carry this conference with a common goal to be remindful to the need of others towards an effective Anglican mission.

Topics and activities that are programmed are very helpful in the achievement of the goal/purpose of our mission as Anglican.

It is really an interesting and very fruitful conference that worth doing it again and looking forward for its result in our own parishes and sub parishes.

Hope you are with us here to fill the warmth hospitality of the people and the scenic view of the place.

Jefferson Lizardo
piscopal Church in the Philippines
Youth Coordinator, Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines

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