Sharing Ourselves by Irene Ayallo

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Irene Ayallo from Kenya and NZIt may have been confusing or even annoying for the listeners of Jesus in John 6:51-56 using a language they were very familiar with yet in a way they could not understand. They were familiar with the use of bread, flesh and blood and probably eaten or drunk of them but just as far as these were used in their world. Therefore when Jesus speaks of eating his body and drinking from his blood, he opens up a whole new world because for them ‘flesh’ was probably evil, corrupted, frail and carried with it a connotation of temporarily (at least from a dualistic perspective) while blood was a symbol of life. How then could God share and offer himself in this fragility? Hence they ask…. “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?”But I guess this is the sought of thing that happens when we encounter the world of another especially of the divine. We create new meanings of things we are familiar with so as to share into the world of the other yet remain in our worlds. Jesus listeners had to rethink of what ‘flesh’ and ‘blood’ meant if they were to understand and share in his world.In the world of sharing, ‘flesh’ comes to mean the human person in his/her totality and self. In feeding on the flesh and the body of Christ we get to share the totality and the self of Christ. It is reciprocal; Christ in his divinity shares and reveals himself in the human nature though not to be evaluated on that particular nature. Sharing opens up a space to experience the mystery of the other as we find our commonness, it becomes a humbling experience as we meet on a middle ground each time we encounter one another. It becomes a challenging experience as things that we are familiar with are questioned yet not removed from our worlds. Jesus reveals himself in flesh to encounter flesh; he does not change their being, their selves but adds something more that enables the divine and human to meet. When we totally share, our world never remains the same in each encounter.

How much then do we surrender to share in the otherness of the other whom we share so much in common in the unity of Christ? Is it a challenging, humbling and changing experience or we prefer to safely safeguard the world we are familiar with yet we often pray every time we come to the Lord’s table that;

“… we who share Christ’s body live with his risen life; we who drink his cup bring life to others; we whom the Spirit lights give light to the world…”

How then is this possible if we can not share ourselves with others?


Home again

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Well everybody, I am home safe and sound. I do believe that everyone else from TEAM has also arrived home by now unless they were to visit other African areas while on the continent. The last three days of the conference were a blur and I didn’t have much time to sleep, let alone blog! Things went very well those last few days. It seems that is where many of the relationships we’d all been working on really started to gel. People wanted to go out for a drink after dinner. There was dancing by the fire light with the live band. Having deep meaningful discussion that will carry us back home and continue to challenge us to grow into our Faith. And that’s where most of us are now, back home. So now is where we get to see how everyone brings home the knowledge we’ve gained and the skills we’ve learned. A movement is being created in the Anglican church, and it’s going to change the world. I’ve been pondering what I’m going to do as far as keeping those of you who want to continue reading about what is happening in my life and my state with the MDG’s. All though now that I’m home I have to prioritize my life again with my massage studio, nutrition line, family, friends, and “me” time I don’t have a whole lot of time to blog. However, I do plan on implementing what I’ve learned into many different aspects of my city, state, and world. So I’m thinking on such occasions when big things are happening I would in fact have time to write a little piece about it in a blog. So please stay tuned for the final entry I’ll do on this page. It’ll include the new website that I’ll be posting, as well as other fabulous Minnesotan’s regarding what’s going on in our corner of the world in relation to the MDG’s.


Irene Ayallo from Kenya and New Zealand shares with us

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Irene Ayallo from Kenya and NZMy name is Irene Ayallo, 26 year old – priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya, studying at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. I was invited to the TEAM conference as one of the Canterbury Scholars of 2002. My motivation for the conference is the fact it is no – longer an option for the Church to participate in the multifaceted issue of development, justice, HIV/AIDS and related diseases. Our beloved Anglican Church needed to come together to listen to one another, realise that we face common issues and work together towards effective mission. We need to develop theological reflections true to and based on concrete human situations.

The TEAM conference was to me evidence that the Church can still live with diversity. It was nice to listen to and share with people from different provinces, cultures and backgrounds. It was also an opportunity to critically examine and identify the missing ‘links’ and voices from within the communion. In his sermon at the opening Eucharist, the Most Rt. Rev. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke of the necessity of including all the voices in the music “… and if one voice is missing, the music could go wrong.”

Young people need to be involved in ministry. We are one voice that cannot afford to miss in mission. Simply because we have the potential, we only need to realize the hero in us and stand on the promises of God. My hope is that from the conference, the Church continues to invite and acknowledge the participation of everyone (the young, the old) as equal participants in the service to God and humanity.

I pray that the Church be more aware of her brokenness through the brokenness of her members, that she be aware of her ministry as breakable bread, and that we as her members be servants and have the grace to let others be our servants too….

And I met some really nice people!!!!!!!!!

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